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Win The War On Talent

By February 14, 2023August 17th, 2023No Comments

Stay Ahead in the Job Market with AANT Salary Packaging

Enhance your employee value proposition without costing your business

As the job market heats up and unemployment rates drop, organisations of all sizes are feeling the pressure to offer more employee benefits to attract and retain top talent.

Flexibility, discounts, and novated leasing are now major deciding factors for employees when considering a potential change in employment.

What if we told you that small and medium-sized organisations can offer Salary Packaging without any cost?


Enter AANT Salary Packaging.

Our program allows your organisation the ability to offer novated leasing at no cost to you. We can help your business stand out against larger competitors and attract top talent with significant savings for employees, potentially increasing your initial employee value proposition markedly.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to set your business apart and attract top talent. Schedule a meeting with the team at AANT Salary Packaging to learn how our offering can help your business succeed in the war on talent.

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