Used Car Novated Lease

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Did you know you can even turn your existing car into a novated lease & take advantage of the tax & GST benefits?

You can Novate:

  • A used vehicle from a motor dealer

  • A private sale vehicle

  • Refinance your existing vehicle loan

  • Sale & leaseback your existing vehicle & take advantage of current tax benefits

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Why turn to a Novated Lease?

Reduce Costs. Save Tax.

Reduce the cost of ownership of your vehicle. Save on GST and Tax on your running costs.

Employer Options

You can choose the car you want and take it with you to your next job if you change employers.

Flexible Visa Card

Manage your salary packaged expenses with flexibility and convenience with our industry leading Visa fuel card. No fees. No Fuel surcharge. Simply fill up where you want, when you want!

Budget-Friendly Convenience

Have all the running cost of your vehicle bundled into one easy solution from your pay. No more worrying about big bills in the mail.

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Used Car FAQ

Can I buy any car?

There are some restrictions on what used vehicle you can buy. The vehicle has to be considered a passenger car. Therefore, cars such as Cab Chassis 4x2 utes, mini buses and some dual cabs with a payload over 1 tonne, can't be novated.

What finance term should I enter into?

Lease terms vary from 12 to 60 months and should be matched to the desired length of time that you wish to keep the car. We have lenders that can accept vehicles that are up to 15 years of age at the end of term.

Can I buy a used vehicle of any age?

We have lenders that can accept vehicles that are up to 15 years of age at the end of term, therefore giving you the ability to purchase a ten-year-old vehicle and still do a 5-year lease term.

Is there a limit to the number of kilometres on the vehicle's odometer?

There is no strict limit on the kms on the odometer but the vehicle does not need to meet market value for age, kms and condition.

Can I negotiate the price on a used car?

Yes, it's best to negotiate the vehicle purchase price with the seller, be it a dealer or private seller. It's hard to negotiate a price on a vehicle that we can't see or inspect so this is best left to yourself.

Can I add accessories on a used vehicle lease?

Yes of course, accessories can still be added to your next vehicle as long as they are through reputable suppliers.

What is the difference between leasing a new vehicle versus leasing a used vehicle?

When setting up a used vehicle for a novated lease it's best if we can know information such as its current odometer reading and condition so that we can budget correctly for items such as serving, tyre replacement and rego renewal.

What happens if I change employers or stop working?

Your agreement is fully portable between employers. What was once only available to the public service sector, is now available to every working Australian. If you decide to stop working, you can continue the agreement directly with the financier or potentially transfer to a family member or associate.

What happens if I don't spend all of my deductions?

Any unspent provisions can be withdrawn via your payroll at any time throughout the term. Surplus at the end can be rolled into your new vehicle, if you wish to upgrade.

Do I own the car and who can drive it?

You are the registered and insured owner of the vehicle therefore the decision of who drives it is entirely yours!

Will FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) apply?

Fringe Benefits Tax does not apply to a novated lease.

Do I require a large income to benefit?

No, as long as you pay tax, you will benefit.

What happens at the end of the term?

  • Upgrade your vehicle
  • Extend your current package for another term
  • Payout the remaining residual
  • Own the vehicle outright with Residual - Free option

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