Salary Packaging for Employers

In today’s environment it is essential to position yourself as an employer of choice. Novated leasing is a sure-fire way to ensure employees have potentially lucrative tax savings available to them in a simple format, via your payroll, at no risk to your company.

A simple and concise payroll advice is provided to the company which advises the appropriate deductions from the employee’s salary. Our industry-leading systems ensure there are no payroll headaches and any FBT implication is calculated and offset via a post-tax deduction from the employee’s salary. If there are ever any concerns, questions or uncertainties, we are only a phone call away.

Local Service

As the only salary packaging company that is 100% NT Owned we understand your needs. Our superior level of customer service and our consultative approach is appreciated by thousands of Territorians which have salary packaged a Novated Lease through us.

Experience counts! our management team have each go over 11 years experience assisting clients within the NT. Our Visa card is designed to suit Territory driving and is unmatched in the market.

Our fleet buying power

AANT Salary Packaging purchases hundreds of vehicles every month through our dealer network which provides us with great buying power and substantial discounts on new cars.

Best of all, we pass on the full fleet discount to you to ensure you get the best price, not usually available to the general public.

A AANT Salary Packaging Novated Lease provides a budgeted vehicle salary packaging program that includes the finance and running costs on your vehicle.

Your fully maintained Novated Lease offers convenience for registration and comprehensive insurance renewals and a VISA card for running expenses, allowing flexibility and freedom of choice.

Flexible AANT Salary Packaging Visa Card

AANT Salary Packaging's Expense Visa card provides market leading flexibility and convenience to manage your salary packaged expenses.


What happens if I change employers or stop working?

Your agreement is fully portable between employers. What was once only available to the public service sector, is now available to every working Australian. If you decide to stop working, you can continue the agreement directly with the financier or potentially transfer to a family member or associate.

What happens if I don't spend all of my deductions?

Any unspent provisions can be withdrawn via your payroll at any time throughout the term. Surplus at the end can be rolled into your new vehicle, if you wish to upgrade.

Do I own the car and who can drive it?

You are the registered and insured owner of the vehicle therefore the decision of who drives it is entirely yours!

Can I lease more than one vehicle?

Yes you may lease more than one vehicle for you and your family members.

Will FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) apply?

Fringe Benefits Tax does not apply to a novated lease.

Do I require a large income to benefit?

No, as long as you pay tax, you will benefit.

Do you have to drive the vehicle for work?

No the vehicle can be driven entirely for personal travel.

What happens at the end of the term?

  • Upgrade your vehicle - You can upgrade your vehicle by trading in or selling your existing vehicle, keeping any profits tax free
  • Extend your current package for another term - You can re-lease your existing residual which allows you to continue to receive your income tax and GST savings on the same vehicle
  • Payout the remaining residual
  • Own the vehicle outright with Residual - You can purchase the vehicle outright by paying the residual amount owing on the finance.

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